When I'm bored, I love nothing more than Googling myself and I found the most DELICIOUS reviews from this year. Thought you might want to check them out and love me as much as I am loving myself... Which is LOTS!
In Das Haus- Adelaide Fringe 2015
★★★★★-Rip It Up
★★★★★-The Advertiser
If there is one show to see this Adelaide Fringe, where you’ll be entertained from start
to finish, it’s this one.
The vocal crowd kept calling for more, and was rewarded with a show that went
overtime and had them once again on their feet for the finale.
Entertaining and engaging from the word go, this show was a raucous hour full of great
tunes and booty dropping fun!
The Upside News
There’s never a dull moment and when the audience isn’t laughing, they’re singing,
dancing, clapping or doing all of the aforesaid.
Hans' Haus Party- June 2015
Hans is a local phenomenon.That may seem like an overstatement but the sold out crowd may beg to differ between their screams and shouts of approval. 
The Upside News
He has that rare, innate ability to connect with an audience in a very real way, feeding off them and making the whole show and interactive energetic affair.
Hans' World Tour- September 2015
 With legs reminiscent of those Ginger Rogers used to sashay across the dance-floor in multiple movies, Hans proved to be an energetic host of his own party.



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