Today I learned that in Australia on January 26 everyone gets together to sizzle sausages and bat balls or something (I don't know - I'm only a visitor in your country, darlings, but it sounds rather camp to me).

Apparently everyone also listens to Taylor Swift - or at least, that's what hard hitting news site Buzzfeed thinks everyone should do.

Now look - I don't know what this "Hot 100" is or what "Triple J" stands for (in my country it's "Junge Junge Junge", the delightful all-boys nightclub down the street from my apartment) but I don't know why anyone would bother voting for Taylor Swift when they could vote for ME!

So honeys, forget this #Tay4Hottest100 situation and vote #HANS4Hottest100!

After all, who looks better in hot pants, hmm? (Hint: It's me).



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  1. Can we vote for this GIF to win the Hottest 100?

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