Exciting news this morning darlings, as it's been announced AUSTRALIA will have a starring role in this year's Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen!

This is now geographically correct.

I'm so proud of my adopted country, ja! But does this mean they have to call it "World Vision" now? Not sure that title works.

Anyway obviously we now have to decide which totally fabulous, super talented and impossibly handsome Australian performer is going to be part of our Eurovision show and... What? Oh, darlings, surely you couldn't possibly be suggesting ME...?

OK, I'll do it.

I've dreamed of performing at Eurovision ever since my motherland Germany banned me from the ceremony (it's a long story darlings, but let's just say they got a bit nervous about my "History of Germany" song medley).

Now it's your chance to MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE! Show some national pride and sign the below petition to send me to Eurovision - I promise you won't regret it. I've got a costume worked out and everything.

It'll be better than Tatu pashing ABBA in Lordi masks while Ruslana does interpretive dance in the background. Trust me, darlings.

mwah mwah



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  1. Friends, let us support my multi-talented & smart Aussie pal, Matt Gilbertson aka Hans. Sign the petition now & send him to Eurovision. #Awesome #ThatsPowerful #Fantastic

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